Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amazeballs Cakeballs

How can you not want to eat these every day for the rest of your life?

I don't like cake. But I love cakeballs! They're cute, they're little, they're tasty. And best of all, if you know how to make a cake, you know how to make cakeballs!

I am not even going to try to guess the nutritional info for these. Let's be honest. If you're going to eat cakeballs, you probably aren't concerned about the calories. Just do it. Just don't do it every day :p


One box of cake mix of your choice. I used yellow cake mix. 
However many eggs your cake mix calls for (mine called for 3)
One container of frosting of your choice. I used whipped buttercream. 
For the coating: If you want to do ALL vanilla candy coating, get TWO packages of it. I did some cakeballs in that (I only used 1 package), and some in semi-sweet chocolate chips (I used less than half a bag of those). If you only wanna do chocolate chips, get 2 bags to be safe. 
Optional: Food dye (oil based!). I used neon colored gel kind

Not ingredients but necessary: 3 cake pans. Or 2 if you wanna do dishes between. 2 baking sheets. Wax paper. 

How to do it:
Bake a cake. Follow the directions on the box and bake your cake. 

Let said cake cool completely.

Get a BIG mixing bowl and mix together the entire cake with the entire container of frosting.

Form that mixture into cutesy little cake balls and place them in a separate cake pan (you'll probably need 2 cake pans), like so:

Pop those bad boys in the freezer for anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. You just want them to get nice and firm. If they aren't when you dip them in the coating, it's gonna be bad news bears.
    The coating part is the only somewhat challenging part of the cakeball process. On your container of candy coating or package of chocolate chips, there should be instructions on how to melt them. Follow those instructions, only melting about 1/4 of the package at a time. 

    After you take your coating of choice out of the microwave, you'll need to stir it and add oil to make it liquid-y enough to coat the balls. Eyeball the oil, that's what I do. I add some, stir it, if it's not enough, I add more. Not real complicated stuff here. I also added my food dye at this point.

    Once you have the consistency you want, drop in one ball at a time, swirl it around with a spoon, and get it out with either a toothpick or the spoon. Place each ball on a baking sheet that has been topped with wax paper. If you want to add sprinkles, do it individually, before you dip the next ball in the coating. Think about it, sprinkles won't stick if the surface of what you are sprinkling them on isn't sticky, kapeesh? 

    Place the baking sheets in your fridge or freezer to let the coating get hard. Once it is, you can put them on a dish a stick them in the fridge. Make sure to keep the cakeballs chilled, they taste better that way and the coating doesn't get all weird that way. 

    In case you didn't see the super obvious picture at the top, here's what these amazing balls of awesomeness look like. Doesn't get any better than that folks.